RE: E-waste

Hey Chris,

I work for Red Leaf IT.  We are an Asset Recovery company that facilitates recycling.  Basically, we like to buy equipment with residual value.  Have you ever thought of using an IT Asset Recovery company?  Of course we offer Certified Data Destruction.  We do recycling events, manage remote locations, we pickup and have a free drop off service.  

Since our company hinges on the sale of items with residual value, we have so many trusted sales channels, if there is ever a time where its hard to source something, we can usually find it.  We even work with WWT to source equipment and they’re Cisco and Juniper partners.  

Honestly, all of the recycling companies we know in St Louis are good companies.  We have used them too!  We are different.  Boutique I guess you could say.  Feel free to reach out.  I would love to quote your next project.  Whether you’re buying 5 switches or doing Spring Cleaning.

636-778-9658 Ext 206


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