About the K12TechPro Message Board

MidwestTechTalk conferences feel a lot like summer camp, like community! The K12 Tech Talk podcast feels like tight knit group of listeners (and contributors) as well. We want that to continue with the K12TechPro Message Board.

We believe K12TechPro this is final piece for the podcast, the conferences, and the K12 Tech Dept community to come together well and the Message Board adds to it. Josh and Chris are here. Jay Roussin and Eric Martin, also of the MidwestTechTalk planning committee, are here – whipping up articles and legit website stuff. Content from the podcast will be posted here in detail. Content from the conferences will be posted here as well. Sponsors we (and the K12 Tech Dept community) believe in will be sponsors here. And yes, YOU are here. We hope you’ll get plugged in and stay for awhile. Our community is what makes K12TechPro, MidwestTechTalk, and the K12 Tech Talk podcast so great! We’re proud of the K12 Tech Dept community.

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